Frequently asked questions

What if I don't know what to order or I need?

Fill out our hair quiz and be sure to check your email back for recommendations. Or you can call/text or business phone for consultations.

What if my hair is severely damaged?

Although, products can not 100% mend damage it can certainly help. We do reccomend getting a healthy trim then growing your hair out with our products.

How long does it take for my order to process?

6-11 Business days.

Missing something out of your order?

Please shoot us an email with your name, order number, and where we can reach you to let you know when the replacement is on the way.

Why does my tracking number say shipping label created and nothing else?

This could be 1 of 2 reasons. 1. Your order is one or two days away from going to the post office. 2. The post office has not updated and/or scanned your package yet. However, number two does not under any circumstance mean your package has not reached the post office for shipping. Please allow them 24-48hrs on back to back business days which does not include Saturday or Sunday.

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle is a 4 payment plan. It gives you the option to buy now and pay later. You order will be shipped out as normal so no worries there. You can split the payments up into four and order as much products as you want. You may be familiar with afterpay, klarna, or quadpay they are the same as Sezzle. They do not check your credit score to approve you or anything like that. Any other question google the company name Sezzle.