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Blossoming Collection


** Not guarantees but this collection could possibly help with these benefits. For alopecia and other severe hair loss comes with all 6 products in the photo. The blossoming collection benefits:
-Increases the amount of hair follicles you have so that you have better chances of hair growth✅
-Strengthens hair✅
-Prevent Graying✅
-Prevents Dandruff -Rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D&E. Which are most times what people with severe hair loss lack✅
-Reduced breakage and hair fall✅
-Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fungal properties✅
-Reduces itching✅
-Treats various follicle infections, psoriasis, bacterial infection, and tinea infections✅
-Regular use will reduce the inflammation of hair follicles and scalp tenderness✅
-Inhibits DHT hormones that contribute to hair loss✅
-Improves hair density✅

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Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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samica smith
Blossoming collection

Hey there im faithfully trying to use products so hope to see progress only issue is the containers...out of all the products recieved only the conditioner and thinnning cream were in containers that work....the spray bottle worked and then i guess the products got caught and i had to pour some in another spray bottle i had and no further issues..none of the producta in the pumps will come out..the shampoo or the moisturizer, i had to take the tops off to get the product out. The same for the oil...i have to keep.shaking it up...i finally just made the hole big enough but now too much pours out. Inthink a catd with instructions on when to.use what would be nice as well. I guess my concern is using too much or not enough.

We are so sorry for the mishaps of your containers. We hope you got our extra product and pray it works wonders for you. Hopefully we can earn a 5 star rating from you in the future. Please email us for a discount that will go towards your next order.

Keisha L
It Works For Me!

I was in Dallas working at a certain hospital in 2021, when this product was introduced to me. I had locs at that time and had started having that itching and burning on my crown that led to area of my scalp becoming bald. Well.... My hair was assessed and this line of product was introduced to me. I was excited to try plus the Creator of these products had the most gorgeous hair I had ever seen! Anyway within a month my bald spot was covered with a nice patch of healthy thick hair. Fast forwarded a few months ago when I decided to shave my head and start all over. I some how managed to stumble upon some of the remaining product from this collection, so I repurchased! My hair is growing and I had a few bald areas that are growing back. The other areas of my hair are growing nice and thick. The areas that had baldness are also growning back.