Blossoming Collection


** Not guarantees but this collection could possibly help with these benefits. For alopecia and other severe hair loss comes with all 6 products in the photo. The blossoming collection benefits:
-Increases the amount of hair follicles you have so that you have better chances of hair growth✅
-Strengthens hair✅
-Prevent Graying✅
-Prevents Dandruff -Rich in iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin D&E. Which are most times what people with severe hair loss lack✅
-Reduced breakage and hair fall✅
-Anti-inflammatory and Anti-fungal properties✅
-Reduces itching✅
-Treats various follicle infections, psoriasis, bacterial infection, and tinea infections✅
-Regular use will reduce the inflammation of hair follicles and scalp tenderness✅
-Inhibits DHT hormones that contribute to hair loss✅
-Improves hair density✅

Suggested Use: